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Custom Membrane Filter Die cut OEM and Packaging

N.O.H International Supply would like to introduce Custom precision membranes for filtering fluids and gases or venting in medical, pharmaceutical, life sciences, and laboratory equipment.
N.O.H International Supply Custom Die Cut Membranes are manufactured to specification using a proprietary process which produces smoother edges than compression cutting and is performed in a clean, positive pressure facility. Manufactured from PES PTFE, nonwovens and other materials, they can incorporate intricate shapes, including narrow cross sections and close hole spacing, and can be supplied on rolls, with or without an adhesive backing.

Capable of producing small quantities and permitting 'on the fly' changes to rapidly develop parts from concept to production, N.O.H International Supply Custom Die Cut Membranes can be produced from a CAD, pdf, or most any drawing file and materials either supplied or specified by the customer. Membranes can range in size from under 5 cm, depending upon material.

N.O.H International Supply Custom Die Cut Membranes are priced according to material, part complexity, quantity, and special customer packaging requirements. Price quotations, samples and literature are available upon request.

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