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Lab Filtration

N.O.H International Supply has a long history of enabling efficient sample preparation within the life science, environmental analysis, clinical, forensic and industrial quality control markets. We are constantly devising ways to improve sample prep to meet the demands of lower detection limits while efficiently processing more samples.

We provide filtration products for essential separation and purification processes and help scientists anticipate and avoid problems in their downstream analyses by finding the optimum sample preparation method.
Membrane Filter
Membrane filters or "membranes" are Micro porous films with specific pore size ratings. Membranes retain particles and microorganisms that exceed their pore ratings by acting as a physical barrier and capturing such particles on the surface of the membrane.
Syringe Filters
NOH® Syringe Filters are simply quality filters, well packaged, and offered at a fair and competitive price. The Classic range is available in all of the major membranes including Nylon, PTFE, PES, MCE and PVDF which are supplied in 13mm, 25mm and 33mm formats in virgin polypropylene housings.
Vacuum Filter
Vacuum Filter is used primarily in microbiological and analytical procedures that involve collecting a particulate (bacteria, precipitate, etc.) from a liquid suspension. Liquid poured into a funnel passes through a filter, which retains the particulate, and filtrate can be collected into a filter flask, directly or via a vacuum manifold. Applying vacuum reduces process time compared to gravity flow.
Microbiology Test
Mixed Esters of Cellulose (MCE) or Cellulose Acetate(CA) are best for microbiology and environment monitoring test. Contrasting grid lines facilitate counting colonies on the filter surface and are tested to assure freedom from grid line inhibition. N.O.H International offers MCE monitoring membrane discs in diameters in 37mm 47mm 50mm and other diameter. Also for different bacteria testing, we have 0.10μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.65μm, 0.80μm, 1.00μm for choose. Black and Green membranes are tested for optimal recovery of yeast and total bacteria. N.O.H International MCE membranes are also tested for freedom from grid line inhibition and optimal color reactions on appropriate test media.
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