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N.O.H International Supply Laboratories provides qualified products and services for the life science community worldwide. Our products are durable, break-resistant, lightweight, and you can always get high-quality, re-usable plastic labware from us. N.O.H International Supply also specialize in manufacturing products for specific applications. We would be happy to discuss your needs or any requirements and we now have exciting opportunities for energetic individuals to become distributors.

N.O.H International Supply offers products which are manufactured within an ISO accredited environment to create RNAse and DNAse free surfaces specifically treated for maximum cell attachment.
Membrane Filter
Bottles and Tubes
NOH® Disposable Bottles and Tubes either gamma irradiation sterilized or non- sterilized products are available in order to satisfy the different research requirements and enhance the practicability. All the features allow them been widely used in chemical and life science research. NOH® Bottles & Tubes are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities.
Syringe filters
Sample vials
NOH®sample vials provide advantages over the standard straight glass sample vials. The flared end of the vial makes loading a liquid sample much easier since the flare helps guide the syringe needle into the vial.
Syringe filters
Cell Culture Supplies
NOH® Cell culture supplies includes Labware products that specifically support the needs of those working with cell culture applications such as culturing cells, cell visualization and pilot batches. Cell and Tissue Culture Plates are ideal manufacture for cell growth and cell yields on multiple, compare and other analysis.
Vacuum Filter
Multiwell Plates
NOH® Multiwell culture plates are available in 6-. 12-, 24-, 48- and 96 well formats, and tissue culture treated for cell culture of anchorage dependent cells and non-treated for suspension cell culture applications.
Microbiology Test
N.O.H International provides you with quality pipettes and pipette tips at a low cost. Reliable pipettes are the key to liquid handling in any laboratory. Look to us for dependable pipette products and unsurpassed customer support.
Microbiology Test
With an incredible range of sizes and shapes, N.O.H International Supply is sure to have the right labware for you. Our products are durable, break-resistant, lightweight, and you can always get high-quality, re-usable plastic labware from us.
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