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What's New – New products launched

What’s New! N.O.H International is launching a number of special offers and promotions regularly with hot sale products and newly productions.

Besides, our new launching series of Syringe filter series, standard sample vials, and high efficiency EZ packs. We are planning to expand our product line according to most popular products in the market, if you need some special products that we do not having launched, please Email us, so that we can better satisfy your needs .

Pleated Cartridge Filter

NOH® Cartridge filters are specially designed and developed for bioburden reduction and sterilization of liquids in SVP, LVP, Sterile API, Fermentation, and Vaccine manufacture.

Wound Cartridge Filter

String wound cartridge filter is a kind of deep filter cartridge, which is made of the textile fabric string preciously winding onto the multihole axies according to the specific technology.

NOH®4mm Syringe Filters

NOH® 4mm diameter syringe filters are simply quality filters, well packaged, and offered at a fair and competitive price. It is suitable for the sample volume less than 1mL, and its low hold-up volume (< 10µl) ensures

G-MPTM Syringe Filter

NOH® G-MP syringe filters is designed specially to filter high particulate solutions. With four layers, the first filter is a composite membrane of 10μm glass fiber and 1.0μm PP, the second prefilter is 0.7μm GF/F

VacufilTM Disposable Vacuum
Filtration Units

The disposable Vacuum Filtration units are very useful in large volume samples separation and purification for tissue culture media,biological fluids and fixation buffers.

NOH® sample vials

NOH®sample vials provide advantages over the standard straight glass sample vials. The flared end of the vial makes loading a liquid sample much easier since the flare helps guide the syringe needle into the vial.

ChromPureTM Syringe Filter

NOH ChromPureTM Syringe Filters are syringe-operated filters for the clarification of aqueous solutions (column eluates, HPLC samples,etc.).

Syringeless filter Devices

Syringeless filters are preassembled filtration devices specially used in HPLC for the purification and analysis of samples.

BiosetTM Monitor

Filtration sets for microbiology, ready to use sterile filter sets bring significant convenience to your daily activities in the laboratory and enable you to optimize the analysis time for routine testing.


N.O.H International’sterile, individually packed in reels, gridded membrane filters are made from Mixed Cellulose Esters and are available individually wrapped for optimum sterility, designed to maximize flow rates.

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