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Industry Filtration Applications

N.O.H International manufactures filtration and separation equipment for process fluids, water and wastewater treatment. It is well recognized by major industries as the leader in filtration technology, which is widely applied in water treatment, microelectronics, chemical & fuels, food & beverages, bio-pharmaceuticals, ink, coating & paint.

Water Treatment

NOH recognizes the complexities and implications of effective water management. We have considerable experience and broad capabilities to assist water users everywhere with removing contaminants, meeting regulations, and conserving this vital resource.




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N.O.H International offers innovative solutions to fluid purification issues faced in the production of microelectronics products including semiconductors, display, and data storage devices.




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Chemical & Fuels

Filtration is used extensively in chemical and fuel processing applications to achieve final purity objectives, improve production yields, and protect valuable equipment and lower production costs.




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Food & Beverages

Food and beverage industry of separation equipment used in one of the most important feature is that they want in absolute clean environments.




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N.O.H International products and technologies are used from the earliest stages of discovery and development of new drugs, through production and delivery of therapies for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.




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Ink, Coating & Paint

Pretreatment by filtration of ink components reduces the level of contaminants and allows the system filter to meet the color and grind specifications.




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