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Disposable Vacuum Filtration Disposable Vacuum Filtration


SimplePakTMare sterile-sealed, without protective paper on top of each filter, and in a individual package on a band. The special pleating of the band units ensures that they are perfectly flat when dispensed.
With clear advantages including operating convenience, less risk of accidental membrane contamination, less care and skill to aseptically separate membrane from packaging to reduce time per test.
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  • Excellent retention and colony growth, high recovery rates of microorganisms
  • Individually wrapped in easy-peel band pack, gamma irradiation
  • Calibrated Mixed Cellulose Esters filters, which designed to maximize flow rates
  • The filter type, diameter, lot number, sterilization and expiration date are printed on the package of each membrane filter unit for complete traceability
  • “Multi-fit”, are designed as “one size fits all,” which can be used in all standard dispensers
  • Application

    • General purpose of all microorganisms examination in medical, wine, beverage and pharmaceutical industry
    • Designed for use in vacuum and pressure filtration applications
    • Individually packed, sterile ideal for microbiology analysis and sterility testing
    • E. Coli bacteria recovery and detection in water/waste water analysis
    • Analysis of yeast and mold and Legionella sp. examination of White, beige colonies


    Filter Media: Mixed Cellulose Esters
    Color: white or black
    Surface: gridded
    Wettability: hydrophilic
    Max. Operating Temperature (Water): 74 ° C
    Extractables (Boiling Water): < 2%
    Sterilization: sterilized by gamma irradiation

    Ordering Information

    Item# Description Pcs per box Online Price(US$) Order
    MFMCE047045CWMCE Gridded Membrane Filter, Continuous package, 47mm, 0.45μm, White, Sterile,4 band of 150 pcs600211.1600Add to cart
    MFMCE050045CWMCE Gridded Membrane Filter, Continuous package, 50mm, 0.45μm, White, Sterile, 4 band of 150 pcsAsk for Quotes

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